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DANCE MUSIC's Dance and Exercise Music
CDs are unique

Practice Tap Selections 1, 2 & 3

These are collections of slow, medium and up-tempo instrumental standards – just perfect for tap. Great for teaching tap classes or practicing tap sequences in rehearsal.

The CDs have 3 Tracks – each track has up to 14 tunes played at a constant tempo and recorded live by our studio band and linked together, so you don’t have to stop the music when you are rehearsing.

Each track is at a different speed, all chosen by Suki Turner, a professional Tap Teacher. The musical style helps you really enjoy tapping, whether lyrical or up-tempo.

Dance Music has been creating practice tap music for over 6 years – and these fresh selections are outstanding.

Practice Tap is great for kids, students and adults of all abilities.

Learn to Tap with Practice Tap!

Exercise Music, Gentle Selection 1

This collection of favourite instrumental standards, arranged in 7 sections of tunes at different speeds, is perfect to get the maximum benefit out of seated and gentle exercise classes, with frail or older participants.

The CD comprises selections of engaging music to move to, at slow, medium and Latin tempi - ideal for Warm Up, Aerobic, Rhythmic and Cool Down periods within a movement class.

Each Section has been chosen by professional Movement Instructors, Physiotherapists, Dance Teachers and Personal Trainers to provide the best in ‘music to move to’ during gentle exercise classes.

No more searching for music at the right speeds – it’s all done for you!

Gentle Exercise Music


Tap Dancing: Sociable and great for improving your fitness and memory...

Tap Dancing: sociable and great for improving your fitness and memory...

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